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Learn what it takes to get into, build, and maintain a career in the voiceover industry!

Private coaching is now available virtually or in-person at Jason's voiceover studio in St. Louis. Whether you've never spoken behind a mic before or if you're a seasoned veteran who wants to take their craft to the next level, Jason's 18 year career working for some of the top companies and television networks all over the world can help you polish your skills for what todays clients are looking for or help those who are just beginning in the industry.

INTRO TO VOICEOVER classes are scheduled in-person in St Louis at the St Louis Louis Community College system.

Get practical advice on how to get into the voiceover industry and what it really takes to build a sustainable career. Also, you'll get time in the sound booth working on scripts with industry standard equipment.


Jason has teamed up with ADRENALINE SOUND STUDIOS in Las Vegas to offer demo production with this top tier voiceover studio! Adrenaline has produced all of Jasons commercial demos since 2005 and they have always been one of the leaders in the industry.

For more information or pricing on private coaching or demo production, please email

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